I have all the ideas and thoughts…… yet no idea how to put them in words.

I was always one to enjoy writing activities back in grade school. Especially in my earlier elementary school years.

I’d glue a largely lined half sheet of paper on top of a much larger sized piece of construction paper and repeat those steps until there was 10-20 pages made. I began the process of making a book, which was pretty big deal! I would spill words that my young and innocent, yet vivid imagination provided me all over these pages with exciting tales to my heart’s content. After such masterpieces were written, I would then compliment these pages with crayon smeared illustrations that described (in the sloppy not so artistic way) what I imagined my story portrayed.

And the best part was that my teachers would “publish” these fine pieces of art! Now I know what you’re thinking and no, the ‘books’ that I crafted were not sent to a real publisher. But they were preserved in such a way that would make any 7 or 8 year old be proud of their work. After I would turn one of those hand made books in, my teacher would then laminate and bind it with one of those funky plastic spiral edges. And voila! My books were good as gold. I was very proud!

….Now fast forward 17-18 years later

I still have a love for writing stories. I have that natural urge to open up a new word document and just type out all the things my imagination so longs to scream out. But here I am, mind racing, new blank page opened …..and no idea where to start!

I have literally spent hours on Google to find tools and methods to help my story begin. I’m taking baby steps at first. I figured a short story would do just fine. But even with the mindset of it not being a novel sized story, my mind is still constipated! On the plus side, I eventually found tools that have helped me (some, not so much) kick start this sucker once and for all. I’m excited to see where my imagination that was once so bold, is willing to go.

I must be honest though, I am an “amateur.” I have seen others comment on how to get started, and the majority say a flow will eventually come to me in due time. Writing is something I’ve always had a love for, something I enjoy doing. Which is mainly why I have decided to challenge myself to utilizing this once very vacant blog.

I do intend to create a separate page for my stories (after creating and rigorously reviewing them of course!)  I am totally up for feedback, tips, tricks, food for thought, etc,. Please feel free to comment and let me know. I am eternally grateful!


What is it like to be the actual ‘bad guy?’

When someone misses out on an important person’s life, I mean really misses out.

How does it feel?

What is it that overtakes the love they once had, and just throw it out.

I don’t want to say I have fallen victim of a fatherless childhood, or that I have “daddy issues.” But, when he hasn’t been around for majority of my upbringing, there will always be that feeling of emptiness. The same feeling continues on in life no matter where you are or how successful you may become.

But until recent unfortunate events I’ve been left to wonder…. How does it feel to be the one doing the abandoning? Is it an accomplishment? A rewarding feeling? Or is it more like that feeling in the back of your mind that you choose to ignore?

After a bad day, Breakfast at Tiffany’s usually picks me up.

You know those mean reds she mentions to Fred in her brilliantly care-free Holly Golightly type of way? …Well I’m not sure if I too am falling victim of the mean reds, or if it’s just my brain finally letting me know I’m about to endure my quarter life crisis.
Either way, I have discovered today that I am tackling these thoughts of what I need to do to change my life. And it needs to start with my career path.  And just like Holly and Cat, we’re a bunch of no name slobs who don’t belong to anyone or anything. (Minus her letting the cat out in the rain, that I would NEVER do.)

I never felt like I had to fulfill my goals by the time I turn 25. But now that it is literally around the corner, the only kind of goal I want to achieve is to actually have a goal.

Hopefully once these mean reds are surpassed I can clear my mind and actually start being an adult.

Bare with me and everything will be marvelous darling

After a rather lengthy extended period of time, I’ve finally decided to come back to my poor empty 1 post page so I can add some life to it and really scratch that itch for writing that I’ve been feeling.  My intention from this point on, is to dedicate more time to write multiple times a week.

I have all the thoughts in my head and hardly a minute to spare. I blame the three glasses of wine I consumed as I was working, but for the benefit of the doubt of course.

So that being said you guys (meaning myself but I’m working on getting more followers.) Entry number 2 to welcome me back from my year long writer’s block vacation.

The most difficult thing in the world is writing your first blog…

As I’m sitting in the office trying to complete my daily tasks of extreme paper work and faxing, I decide to write my first post. But what is it that I want to write about? There are too many damn things going on around me and not one thing ignites a spark to write about. Not one single thing. I could easily post something about this massive blizzard going on here in Philadelphia, but I’m sure the entire east coast is not in the mood to hear about it.

Maybe I should just get back to work….? Naaaaah!

So this is it, my first I-hate-this-weather-doing-paperwork-and-getting-snowed-in-at-my-job—blues blog and it will have to do. 

On a positive note, the cute little corner store is still open for business which means I can get all the breakfast sandwiches in the world. Who doesn’t love a good bacon egg and cheese on a kaiser roll? I know I do!

Well here it is folks, it’s short, sweet and probably not the most interesting thing of the world. But my writer’s block cherry has been popped and I look forward to writing about anything and everything!